Saturday, December 15, 2012

From the mouths of little boys

Well, the four of us made a quick decision trip to Texas this week. My husband had an uncle pass away, so we came for the memorial. We drove the entire way--like the entire 1400+ miles way... When there are 2 adults, one 8-year-old, and one 5-year-old in a car for 12.5 and 8 hours, that trip is WAY to long!

We noticed a speed trap, and my husband said he needs to be careful or he'd get pulled over. (The speed limit from Kansas south ranges from 45 to 75.) Well, a little voice behind him pipes up with, "Hello, officer. Did you know police like donuts?"

My husband bursts out laughing, but also struggles to make sure our 5-year-old knows NOT to say that if L gets pulled over... We envisioned that scene, and I told L to give me his wallet so I could post bail!

Needless to say, we can see our youngest being the one who carries fresh donuts in his vehicle to avoid tickets... I sure hope it doesn't happen that way though!

Other than that, the trip was long. Ok VERY LONG since our portable DVD player is somehow not responding to our dvds. We are not sure what our oldest did to make that happen.

Hope the return trip goes well. Wish us luck.

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